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Dialing in the perfect fit for your new or current bike is one of the most important things you can do to improve your performance and increase your enjoyment. Cycle Solutions is proud to offer premium bike fitting services at both of our locations; providing our customers a broad mix of expertise including certification in Trek’s fit program, Specialized’s BG Fit program and the Juteau Cantin bike fit system.

Bike Fitting Center

Our staff is prepared to help you deal with any of your bike fit concerns; whether it’s chronic pain or fatigue, a position change due to doctor recommendations, or just getting your first road bike setup to perfectly suit your body. We have experience dealing with all disciplines of cycling, so if you need a basic sizing, a full fit, or have specific concerns that may require more time, we’ve got you covered.



Basic Fit / BG Fit


BG 2D Fit


Full Fit / BG 3D Fit


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  • Our Locations

    Beaches Store

    • 615 Kingston Road
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • M4E 1R3
    • 416.691.0019
    • Fall/Winter Hours:
    • Mon: Closed
    • Tues - Fri: 11 - 7
    • Saturday: 10 - 6
    • Sunday: 12 - 5


    • 444 Parliament Street
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • M5A 3A2
    • 416.972.6948
    • Fall/Winter Hours:
    • Mon - Fri: 9 - 7
    • Saturday: 10 - 6
    • Sunday: 12 - 5
  • Our Mission


    Cycle Solutions is all about passion! We love to ride our bikes as much as our customers do and we hope it shows when you stop by. We’re in the business of not just selling you your favourite bike, but empowering and inspiring you to use it as often as you can.

    Not only are we passionate about our cycling, we also strive to go above and beyond the service you would expect from a local, family-owned business. Through a wide array of events and community outreach we hope to stoke your passion for cycling!