Rules of the Road



Cycling and the Law

The fine for parking a motor vehicle in a bicycle lane, or cycle track has increased from $60 to $150.

Learn more about the bicycle lane bylaw

Learn more about the difference between bicycle lanes and sharrows.

If you wish to report a vehicle blocking a bicycle lane, contact Parking Enforcement by calling 416-808-6600

Municipal Laws

Understanding Cyclist's Legal Rights and Obligations


Rules for Passing

Review the rules for passing according to the according to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.


Power Assisted Bicycles

Learn more about the amended Ontario Highway Traffic Act, which allows power assisted bicycles (e-bikes) to travel on public roads and highways.

Licensing and Insurance

Bicycle Licensing

The City of Toronto has examined the idea of bicycle licensing on many occasions in response to concerns surrounding pedestrian safety, bike theft and compliance with the law.

Insurance Coverage available for cyclists

If a bicyclist hits a pedestrian or another bicyclist and one or both parties are injured, the accident would not be considered to involve a “motor vehicle”.

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