Demo Program

Cycle Solutions Demo Program

As one of Ontario’s leading Bike retailers Cycle Solutions endeavors to maintain a close relationship with the community by hosting Demo Days! This allows our potential customers to try out a variety of bikes and make their purchase with confidence.

 Demo Days at Cycle Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a capable trail bike on a budget or a high-end dream bike from boutique performance brands, we’ve got you covered! Cycle Solutions has been providing mobile service and support at a variety of Ontario race events for over 10 years. We bring that same confidence and expertise with us to every Demo Day.


Santa Cruz

Nomad XO1 - Large

Hightower LT XE - Large

Hightower LT XXx1 - XL

Hightower XO1 Reserve - Large

Hightower XE 27.5+ - Medium

Tallboy XX1 Reserve - XL

Tallboy XO 1 Reserve - Large

Tallboy XE - Medium

Bronson XE - Large

5010 XE - Medium

Juliana Furtado XO1 - Small

Juliana Roubion XO1 - Small



Mach 429 Trail - Large

Mach 429 Trail - Medium

Switchblade - Large



SB4.5 - Medium and Large

SB5 Lunch Ride - Medium

We have experienced staff with a passion for the sport and dedication to the community.

  • Our Locations

    Beaches Store

    • 615 Kingston Road
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    • 416.691.0019
    • Fall/Winter Hours:
    • Mon: Closed
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    • Saturday: 10 - 6
    • Sunday: 12 - 5


    • 444 Parliament Street
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • M5A 3A2
    • 416.972.6948
    • Fall/Winter Hours:
    • Mon - Fri: 9 - 7
    • Saturday: 10 - 6
    • Sunday: 12 - 5
  • Our Mission


    Cycle Solutions is all about passion! We love to ride our bikes as much as our customers do and we hope it shows when you stop by. We’re in the business of not just selling you your favourite bike, but empowering and inspiring you to use it as often as you can.

    Not only are we passionate about our cycling, we also strive to go above and beyond the service you would expect from a local, family-owned business. Through a wide array of events and community outreach we hope to stoke your passion for cycling!