Cycle Solutions Demo Program

As one of Ontario’s leading Bike retailers Cycle Solutions endeavors to maintain a close relationship with the community by hosting Demo Days! This allows our potential customers to try out a variety of bikes and make their purchase with confidence.

 Demo Days at Cycle Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a capable trail bike on a budget or a high-end dream bike from boutique performance brands, we’ve got you covered! Cycle Solutions has been providing mobile service and support at a variety of Ontario race events for over 10 years. We bring that same confidence and expertise with us to every Demo Day.


Santa Cruz

Nomad XO1 - Large

Hightower LT XE - Large

Hightower LT XXx1 - XL

Hightower XO1 Reserve - Large

Hightower XE 27.5+ - Medium

Tallboy XX1 Reserve - XL

Tallboy XO 1 Reserve - Large

Tallboy XE - Medium

Bronson XE - Large

5010 XE - Medium

Juliana Furtado XO1 - Small

Juliana Roubion XO1 - Small



Mach 429 Trail - Large

Mach 429 Trail - Medium

Switchblade - Large



SB4.5 - Medium and Large

SB5 Lunch Ride - Medium